Cali Crusher - Royal Universal Nail

Cali Crusher

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Cali Crusher - Royal Universal Nail

Known to be very durable and long lasting; Titanium nails are used with concentrate rigs/dab rigs/oil Rigs to consume wax, concentrate and essential oil. To use the Titanium nail you simply heat the nail using a butane torch, then use a dabber (dab tool) to place the concentrate on the nail. The Titanium nail retains extreme heat causing the concentrate to vaporize rather than combust like you would see with a dry herb rig


  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • This universal nail is fully adjustable
  • The 5 components can be easily configured to fit either male or female receivers on both standard bongs and oil rigs.
  • Cali Crusher nails are made of 100% Grade 2 Titanium for a cleaner experience and a longer product life
  • This nail will fit all 14mm through 19mm pieces, both male and female