Vapexhale EVO Graphite HydraTube Starter Kit


  • $449.99

INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE. ELITE VAPE QUALITY. The EVO Graphite HydraTube starter kit is for users seeking moisture conditioning to provide an even smoother vaping experience.This convection vaporizer is effectively able to channel hot air evenly to provide smooth satisfying vaping sessions. The heater core is encapsulated in glass to provide a true pure vaping experience. The features and elite engineering of the EVO provide a great combination of superior taste and purity. Ranking as one of the top desktop vaporizers on the market. 


Choose Your HydraTube:


Size specifications:
Precision:  Enhances taste considerably & improves the ergonomic balance of the base unit with a HydraTube on top. Size: 38mm
There are two HydraTube styles to choose from.
Graphite Precision HoneyComb:
CRAFTED BEST FOR DIFFUSION.  The HoneyComb features the gridded barrel of the Turbine
with an added HoneyComb diffuser that creates smooth, rich aromas.
Graphite Precision HydraBomb:
CRAFTED BEST FOR FLOW. The HydraBomb features one of the most beautiful percolators in existence (it's like a crystal grenade) that provides the least amount of restriction and superior flow.  



  • All Glass Vapor Path
  • Pure taste and flavor 
  • Provides Smooth Vapor
  • Precise Temperature Control


  • 1 EVO
  • 1 Graphite HydraTube of your choice
  • 2 Baskets - Stainless steel
  • 2 Tubes - Graphite Borosilicate
  • 1 Heatshield
  • 2 Cleaning wipes
  • 1 Power Cord
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 3 Year limited warranty



 VOLTAGE REQUIREMENTS: 110V unit exclusively for use in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Not to be used with any type of power inverter or converter. 

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